Senior Minister

Job Description


Burnt Hickory Church of Christ in Marietta, GA is seeking a Senior Minister. We are accepting resumes through March 15, 2020. If you are interested in being considered for this ministry position, please read and prayerfully consider the job description before submitting your application.

Job Description

Summary of Position: The Senior Minister will focus on presenting and modeling Christ-centered messages that keep the church’s mission before the church: Disciples Making Disciples.


Presuppositions of This Job Description

  • This position is open to qualified candidates from all racial-ethnic backgrounds

  • The specific qualifications and expectations below presume that the applicant is “not a novice” to the Christian faith, is committed to living under the authority of Jesus Christ, and understands the importance of the local church in promoting faithful discipleship

  • By submitting a resume to be considered for this position, a candidate acknowledges the right of the Burnt Hickory Church to its due diligence regarding him that may include such items as a criminal background check, contact with references the applicant may provide, and/or contact other persons believed to be in position to help the church evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the position


Primary Responsibilities

  • Prepare and deliver Christ-centered teaching materials (sermons, classes, writing) that demonstrate his competence as a proficient and faithful teacher of Holy Scripture

  • Communicate and model the core values identified in Burnt Hickory’s Mission & Vision

    • Our Mission: Disciples Making Disciples

    • Our Vision: Burnt Hickory is a joyful church, led by the Spirit, that equips people throughout northwest Georgia to be disciples, make disciples, and plant churches

  • Work in close partnership with the shepherds and other ministers to provide a healthy balance of the church’s care for its members and outreach to the community

  • Facilitate a weekly staff meeting in which opportunities, challenges, accountabilities, long-range planning, and responsibilities are processed

  • Work closely within the ministry team to establish coordinated responsibilities of leadership by staff members of the Burnt Hickory Church

  • Challenge members of the congregation to deepen their faith in God as evidenced by lives of obedience, holiness, and compassion

  • Respect and enhance diversity in the life of the Burnt Hickory Church

  • Motivate members of the congregation to represent the Lord Jesus to their families, work associates, classmates, neighbors, strangers, and all with whom God connects their lives as agents of both uprightness and grace

  • Establish a relationship with Burnt Hickory members that fosters their trust in and comfort with seeking his instruction, counsel, and presence

    • Maintain a reasonable number of scheduled and published office hours

    • Available to situations of family or medical crises, funerals, and weddings


Qualifications Desired in Applicants

  • Educational requirement

    • Accredited Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree or higher desired

    • If undergrad degree is not in theology/ministry, the candidate will be expected to have a graduate degree in theology/ministry from an accredited school

  • Able to present the gospel faithfully and effectively in both public and private settings

    • Able to address the theological challenges of 21st-century culture

    • Competent to address challenging issues with sensitivity and compassion

  • Experience in full-time Christian ministry

    • Applicant should have a minimum of 10 years in full-time ministry

    • At least 5 of these years should be in preaching

    • Basic administrative skills necessary to lead the church’s ministry staff

  • Personal character

    • Above reproach as a Christian

    • Honors the worth and dignity of others

    • Wise and mature in all contacts with females

    • Treats those who may disagree with him respectfully

  • Experience with ministries that equip Christians to make disciples

  • Vision for planting new churches

  • Passionate to foster spiritual growth in Christians that will make them effective in sharing the gospel with those who do not know Jesus

  • Effective in building community relationships that present Burnt Hickory in the most favorable light with non-members around us

    • Has a strategy for being aware of community involvement and outreach opportunities

    • Encourages members at Burnt Hickory to engage with and serve needs in the larger community

    • Willing to establish relationships with other churches and ministers/pastors in the area for the sake of appropriate roles in community events


Family and Personal Relationships

  • The successful candidate is more likely to be married, but quality applications will be reviewed from all persons who meet the criteria given above

  • Shows integrity in all personal relationships

  • His family must be positive and encouraging toward his role in ministry

  • He is not to neglect his family in the name of “church ministry” and “career”

  • As Burnt Hickory’s Senior Minister, he will be encouraged to establish a peer group of ministers and/or church leaders for encouragement and support

Burnt Hickory Commitments to the Successful Candidate

  • This is a full-time position of service to the Burnt Hickory Church and no additional employment or revenue-generating projects may be created or accepted without shepherds’ permission

  • Beginning salary and vacation leave will be agreed upon with the shepherds prior to acceptance of any employment offer.

  • Burnt Hickory Church of Christ offers a full range of benefits for full time staff.  Salary and benefits are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure best practices are followed within the marketplace and fairness for all staff.  The current benefits package includes:

    • Salary is set by the shepherds at the beginning of each calendar year in coordination with the annual operating budget.

    • Paid vacation with increases based upon length of service.

    • Burnt Hickory pays the customary one-half of employee Social Security tax .

    • The IRS provision for Ministers Housing Allowance is available to all ministers at Burnt Hickory

    • Health and dental insurance are available for full time staff.  Family coverage may be added through the group policy.

    • One week each year is funded for enrichment (e.g., lectureship, seminar, etc.)

    • Paid cell phone allowance.

    • Full time staff may participate in a SEP (retirement) plan.  After completion of one calendar year of employment Burnt Hickory provides a lump-sum contribution to the employee’s SEP account equal to 5% of their current annual salary.

    • All ministers receive a paid two weeks Sabbatical after every five years of service.  This sabbatical is time away from full time ministry and is to be used for personal spiritual growth and renewal as well as self-evaluation of their ministry goals and calling.

Introduction to Burnt Hickory Church of Christ

Our Mission: Disciples Making Disciples

Our Vision: Burnt Hickory is a joyful church, led by the Spirit, that equips people throughout northwest Georgia to be disciples, make disciples, and plant churches.

Burnt Hickory at a Glance

  • One church in two locations (Marietta and Cartersville)

  • Diverse congregation (racially, generationally, economically)

  • 709 on membership roll

  • 543 baptized on membership roll

  • 399 average attendance at Marietta campus

  • 74 average attendance at Bartow campus

  • 10 staff members

  • 7 elders

Our History

Our mission statement is more than just words on our website. While our mission was formally introduced in 2017, it reflects the history of a church that began in 1955 when the Roswell Church of Christ had a vision to plant a church in Smyrna, GA. In 2000, we built our current facility in Marietta, and we took the name Burnt Hickory.

Over the past several years, we have become convicted that we should be a church that plants churches. Our membership is drawn from a large region of approximately nine counties, so we are strategically positioned to grow by planting churches in communities across northwest Georgia.

Living Our Mission

We are led by seven shepherds, all of whom share a passion for the church and for the mission of Burnt Hickory. Our congregation has a large ministry staff, with ten current staff members working in the areas of discipleship, children’s ministry, youth ministry, administration, facilities, and preaching. Our current Preaching Minister is working with us on an interim basis while we search for a Senior Minister. Our previous Senior Minister, Scott Franks, served with us for eleven fruitful years before moving to another part of the country to continue his ministry.

In 2018 we began a capital campaign that was designed to help us achieve our mission. The funds from that campaign are going toward three purposes: refresh our Marietta facility, fund a church plant, and pay down our mortgage to ensure long-term stability and free future funds for further church planting. In September of 2018, we planted our first church in Bartow County, and in January of 2020, that church moved into a “permanent” facility. We are currently seeking a full-time minister to work with that church.

Introduction to Marietta,

Cobb County

Our main campus is in Marietta, GA, a city outside of Atlanta, Georgia. It is the county seat of Cobb County and one of the fastest growing cities in the Metro area. Cobb County has a population of about 755,000 people.  It has two school systems, Cobb County Schools and Marietta City Schools. Some of the best schools in the state and indeed the nation are in Cobb County.


Cobb County is served by two school systems. Marietta City Schools operates twelve schools. The high school is currently building a 55,000 square foot addition that will house courses in engineering, game design, and entrepreneurship, among others. Since 1995, it has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a challenging two-year academic program that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities.

The County system operates 112 schools and serves more than 110,000 students. Cobb County invests significantly in its school system, including 8 to 12.6 percent raises for teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and other support staff in the 2020 budget. Several of the best schools in the State of Georgia can be found in Cobb County.

In addition to public schools, there are 36 private schools in the county, providing a wide range of educational choices.

Real Estate

There are multiple towns to call home in Cobb County. While Marietta is the largest, the towns of Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Acworth, and Austell are all nearby, and Burnt Hickory’s members hail from all these towns and more. There are a wide variety of housing options in the area with a wide range of prices.

Arts and Entertainment

The metropolitan area provides all the cultural and entertainment options you would expect in a major urban area. In Cobb County, the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center hosts the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Opera, and is a premier venue for Broadway shows, concerts, and other events. Six Flags over Georgia is also located in Cobb and has been providing thrills and entertainment for over 50 years.

The Atlanta area offers a wide range of experiences including the Georgia Aquarium, Stone Mountain Park, the Georgia Aquarium, the High Museum of Art, the Coca-Cola Museum, and many others.


Since 2017, Cobb County has hosted the Atlanta Braves at Suntrust Park. The stadium is surrounded aby a mixed-use development of restaurants, shopping, and businesses, which makes it a great place to visit, whether you are a sports fan or not.

Atlanta is also home to professional teams, including the Falcons, the Hawks, and Atlanta United FC. The world-class Mercedes-Benz stadium is one of the newest and best in the world and regularly hosts premium college football contests, including the SEC Championship and Chick-fil-A Bowl.

A Great Place for Families

Cobb County is a great place to raise a family. It is one of the preferred counties in the Atlanta Metro area. It is also a vibrant community that is continuing to change, making it a great place to work in the Kingdom.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

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